Vaginal Burning: Causes, Signs of STDs, Treatment and Testing

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Women have a lot of healthy bacteria in their vagina that helps the temperature and moistness intact keeping the unwanted bacteria off course. Sometimes, these ph level balance and the bacteria can be outweighed by the number of bad bacteria or infection causes bacteria which can lead to uncomfortable sensation down there.

What is vaginal burning?

Vaginal burning can be caused by a multitude of reasons which can be either for a reason, like due to some past events or a reactive situation to something that you are newly trying out. In the case of the former, it can be due to rough sex, having sex with STD-infected individuals where he would have spread the same to you, or sexual assault which can be a contributing factor. In the case of the latter, when you are trying out new things that previously your vagina is not used to like using a tampon or a new soap product, then you can expect to disturb your vaginal pg balance and cause an uncomfortable sensation.

It is typically an uneasy condition where you can feel itchy and/or burning sensation with the intensity varying frequently. In the following, we explain in detail the top 3 main causes of vaginal burning.

What causes vaginal burning?

Following are the 3 most common vaginal burning causes –

  • Infections like sexually transmitted diseases: If you feel a burning sensation after sex or after a few days of having sex with an unknown individual, then this can quite be the cause.
  • Allergic conditions: If you have switched to a new batch product like soap or using a scented pad for menstrual period, then your vaginal burning can be triggered by an allergic reaction
  • Urinary tract infections: If your burning sensation occurs only while passing during and/or after passed, then it signals there’s something unusual (mostly bacteria diseases) on your urinary tract, which needs to be addressed.

It is important to address the right cause of your vaginal burning sensation and get treated as quickly as possible. Leaving it untreated or waiting for it to disappear on its own, can lead to severe health consequences.

Infections like sexually transmitted diseases or infections (STDs or STIs)

Sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia and gonorrhea are very common in the US, and it is estimated that nearly 30 million STD cases are being recorded in the US each year and most of the cases are reported from individuals who fall between the age of 15-24. Women are more prone to STDs according to the data from CDC. if you have vaginal burning look for these symptoms – a persistent vaginal odor that can be described as a fish-like odor, unusual or heavy persistent vaginal discharge, and pain during sexual intercourse or sexual activities. If you have these signs then there is a high chance that you need to get screened for STDs.

Following are some more symptoms log with vaginal burning to watch out for to confirm whether you have an STD –

  • Rashes on the skin in the genital area
  • Some experience pain while urinating
  • Irritation in the vagina or genital area
  • Fever may occur due to an abscess
  • Itching in the vaginal area or anus
  • Unusual vaginal bleeding

Sensitivity or allergic reactions to a few substances

This is yet one of the most commonly known causes. Sensitivity or allergic reactions to a few substances like detergents used in your laundry and harsh soaps can disturb your vaginal ph levels which causes the good bacteria to tremble and created a favorable environment for itchiness and particularly burning sensation. Following are the most commonly reported allergic causes of vaginal burning –

  • Scented toilet papers
  • Bubble bath product
  • Menstrual napkins

Also if you wear fitted bottoms, long-time wearing the same tight panties and underwear can also cause allergic conditions down there and thus lead to burning and itching.

Urinary tract disease

Urinary tract diseases can happen when your urine – a fluid containing water and wastes produced by the kidneys and discharges through the urinary tract. Though the urine in the bladder is usually sterile, bad bacteria and fungi can enter the urinary tract through the urethra and result in UTIs, urinary tract infections like cystitis. It can result in a vaginal burning sensation while passing urine.

Other causes of vaginal burning

Vaginal burning can also be due to a yeast infection that is identified by a thick, white vaginal discharge with a texture that resembles cottage cheese. Yeast infection is also a common symptom that can be addressed by medications.

Can vaginal burning be treated?

Yes, depending on your cause, your physician will prescribe medication that will help recover from vaginal burning.

Treatment for STDs and vaginal burning

Treatment for STDs can be quite complicated. Since not one STD medicinal curing procedure is not the same as others, the drugs depend on the type of the infected STD. Bacteria-caused STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhea which causes vaginal burning can be cured with the help of antibacterial drugs. There are some STDs that cannot be cured to date. If you are diagnosed with HIV or Herpes, then you shall be prescribed retroviral drugs that suppress the activity of the virus and reduce the symptoms.

Treatment for allergic reaction and vaginal burning

Allergic reactions caused by new soaps and scented pads can easily be cured by dermatological medications. If your doctor confirms that your vaginal burning is caused by allergic creation according to your history and symptoms, then your physician shall prescribe medicines accordingly. It is important to continue your medicine until the course ends. Sometimes the burning symptoms may stop early once you have started taking medicines, but do not stop until you complete it fully as there is a high chance of recurrence if not taken completely

Treatment for UTI and vaginal burning

Urinary Tract Infection can be difficult to assess. But if you feel a burning feeling when you pass urine and then the irritation stops, then it is quite possible that you have a UTI infection. UTI infection can lead to kidney disorders if not addressed in the early stages as it may rupture your tract. UTI is not a major issue and can easily be diagnosed with the help of antibiotics.

What happens if vaginal burning is left untreated?

Vaginal burning caused by STDs such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, and other conditioned like urinary tract infections, can lead to serious complications if left untreated. Such complications include kidney infectionpelvic inflammatory disease, and serious complications of pregnancy and of a newborn child.

Complications of the underlying causes of vaginal burning sensation are:

  • Higher risk of transmitting HIV/AIDS
  • Kidney disease/failure
  • Meningitis
  • Spread of certain infections to unborn children during childbirth
  • Spread of infection by touching the eyes and/or to other parts of the body

You can suppress the risk of serious complications by addressing your issue by reaching your physician and getting treated as soon as possible. 

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